April 7, 2012… Season Kick-Off

Although the Christina Rose was in the water all winter and working/running since mid-March, the 2012 season kick-off was delayed slightly for a couple reasons… insurance prevents operation until April-1 and updates to the electronics took a little longer than anticipated.  Improvements included a lot of routing/running cables for satellite-TV, radar, masthead lighting, a bunch of NMEA2000 trunk-work from the bilge up-to the helm for some flow-sensor work.  Just the kind of stuff a geek electrical engineer would be interested in; like the Christina Rose, a labor of love.

April 7th was the first time out of her slip, well technically two trips out after a false-start due to an antifreeze-issue in the port-engine caused by having to pull a hose during spring-prep that blocked the #8 spark-plug.  When that hose was pulled, I mistakenly thought all the orange-fluid that dumped into the bilge was the raw-water side of life… whoops… it was engine antifreeze in hind-sight.  After a quick return for more fluids, everything went off without a hitch.  Or alarm.

Uncle Fluffy came out for the maiden voyage, assisting with calming the Captain after the Port temperature gauge went north of 200.  A quick-trip to WestMarine for more bodily-fluids for the Portside then Christina gracefully left the marina.  Well, not so graceful with the 2-3′ swells in the bay.

Fluffy and Crew put 8.7nm on Christina Rose cruising around the Chester Bay and Queenstown on the 2012 shakedown, averaging 14kt with a top-speed of 22kt, before wind, waves, and darkness dictated a return to port.

NMEA2000 Fun

Playing with the NMEA2000 toys

Happy Wakes!  Drop me a line anytime, ChristinaRose@edickent.com

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