April 11, 2012… Cruising with friends

Christina Rose entertained childhood friends under less-than-stellar weather conditions.  Although not in optimal cruising condition because the cabin was acting like a storage-trailer for all the coming electronics (mast, satellite-dish, radar, receivers, etc), Lenny, Jenny, and Simon seemed to have a decent time cruising with Christina’s main crew.  Pretty good wind coming from the East across the Bay, kicking up 3-4 footers in Eastern Bay on the way to and from St. Michaels.

 Had a great time with friends and family in St. Michaels at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum (http://www.cbmm.org), eventually having a decent dinner at the Crab Claw (http://www.thecrabclaw.com) before the night-time run back to home-port in heavy seas.  Guests aboard the Christina Rose never complained about the ride home (but they should have)! 

A true mark of a great day on the water is when a certain boy falls asleep on the cruise home; this trip had two boys asleep in 4-footers… must’ve been twice as good!

Lenny, Jenny, and Simon

At the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, April 2012

38.3 nautical miles this day, with an average speed of 14knots and max-speed of only 28knots. A little rough to open her up…

Happy Wakes!  Drop me a line anytime, ChristinaRose@edickent.com

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