May 2, 2012… a cruise to meet new friends

Today was a Captain-only cruise down to St. Michaels, to meet-up with other Cruisers Yachts owners who were in-town on the Eastern-leg of their Great Loop tour.  Christina Rose is splashed on several web-pages of a Cruisers Yachts owners forum on the Internet, as well as Ken and Pat’s Cruisers “20BUCK$”.  Communicating via email previous to their visit, these new-found friends had a free evening to spare and graciously invited the Christina Rose down to meet-up for dinner.

 Christina’s captain headed out to her early, working on some new NMEA2000 toys he wanted to play with.  Early enough to notice the building winds, he called off the rest of the Christina Rose’s crew for the trip out to St. Michaels.  By 5pm, winds had to be around 20knots… the trip to St. Michaels didn’t have too-severe water conditions, mostly because the wind this time was out of the East.

 Christina Rose docked in raging winds at the Maritime Museum while 20BUCK$ was peacefully moored in her secluded slip at Higgins Yacht Yard in St. Michaels:


20BUCK$, resting in her slip


20BUCK$ resting in her slip

20BUCK$ resting in her slip

Met Ken, Pat, and 20BUCK$ before dinner, and like any good captain, Ken was only to proud to show-off his engine room… clean enough (and spacious enough) to host a dinner party:

Ken and his immaculate engine room

Ken and his immaculate engine room

Dinner out at the Town Dock Restaurant in St. Michaels ( was very good, as was the company.  See Ken and Pat’s blog, for a different perspective and their impression of the evening at and be sure to review all their blogs for an amazing review of their amazing trip around the United States at

 Christina’s trip home was even more difficult, as winds built to at-least 30knots, plus it was a pitch-black cruise.  Thank goodness for Christina Rose’s Garmin chartplotter!  All-in-all, a trip of 30.0nm, 6-hours and 40-minutes, with an average cruising speed of 14knots and a max-speed of 25knots.  Definitely a relief to get Christina into her slip this evening!

Happy Wakes!  Drop me a line anytime,

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