May 12, 2012: Baltimore or Bust

Sometimes weeks of preparation and planning for a boating weekend never seems to work out, whether it be the fault of mechanical or supplies or weather or simply scheduling conflicts… fortunately, this wasn’t one of those weekends!

This was one of two weekends a year when the grandparents roll through town and like through some cosmic-alignment, everything seemed to work out near-perfectly.  Weather was stellar as the crew made their early morning drive to the marina (loaded-down with enough supplies for the Christina Rose to stock Gilligan’s three-season-long “3-hour tour”) with plans for an early arrival by water to the Science Center ( in Baltimore’s inner harbor.  Boat-traffic was light as we made wakes 26-miles up into the Patapsco, finishing at the center of all activity in Baltimore’s harbor… the new docks at West-Wall in front of the Intercontinental (

Baltimore's Inner Harbor 12MAY12

The Christina Rose at West-Wall in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Three generations had a great time at the Science Center, as Christina Rose basically had the whole harbor to herself, sharing West-Wall with only one other Cruisers Yachts…  Baltimore really is a great place by water:

3 Generations 12MAY12

At Baltimore's Inner Harbor



A hair-raising experience!

To say today’s cruise was without mechanical-issues isn’t totally accurate, as Christina’s generator gave the crew some problems.  Fortunately, West-Wall has 30A power hook-ups, allowing the crew to “accidently” borrow some power for long-enough to fire-up the stove for an early dinner feast (okay, hot-dogs in a pan, as the Admiral was afraid of attracting too much attention with smoke churning from the Magma, but everything tastes good on a Cruisers!).  But everything else was smooth, including the Starboard running-gear repaired after Christina’s trip to Baltimore last September post-hurricane.  Even the newly-installed Garmin GMR24HD radar performed above expectations and the Captain used every opportunity to push-buttons and get acquainted with the new toy.  For the record, the GMR24HD can’t detect these crab-pot markers spoiling the Chesapeake’s water, forcing Christina’s early retreat from Baltimore.

Boat and crew reached the marina just as total-darkness arrived, averaging 17knots for the day with a maximum of 29kt, cruising 52.7nm total miles while underway for exactly 3.0-hours.

Happy Wakes!  Drop me a note anytime,

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