Installing Kayak Mounts

May 26, 2012… While most people have dinks, dinghies, ribs, inflatables or whatever they wish to call them, along with their associated davits, winches, tow-bars (or garages, for those fortunate enough to own such a boat) for managing them, a recent change to the Christina Rose went a little simpler route this weekend.  With a little research and pre-planning, installation of a set of kayak-mounts on the swim-platform was quite straight-forward.  Except for the moment the captain slipped off the platform for a refreshing-dip while installing the underside-clamps, installation was close to a “1” on the difficulty-scale.

Some of the background work included ensuring the kayak chosen would fit on the platform while not extending past the beam and selection of a mounting-method.  While it would be nice to have a way to not have anything sticking-up on the platform, this mount was chosen for ease of installation and removal:
CP5672 Kayak Carrier on Amazon:

Additionally, a cable-lock was selected from Amazon, chosen for multiple purpose such as securing the kayak to the boat at the marina or on the hook, and for shore-use if tie-up was required:
Lasso Lock-All

Everything after component-selection was simple execution.  While 3M 4200 sealant should have been used on the cored Cruisers Yachts swim-platform, 3M Marine Silicone was used instead so that the mounts could be removed for winter storage:

The installed kayak-mounts

The kayak-mounts, installed through the swim-platform's carpeting (separately)

The underside-mounts

The underside-mounts of the installation, sealed with 3M Marine Silicone to protect the balsa-cored swim-platform and remain removable

Quickly-removable kayak

A quickly-removable kayak installation, where boarding-ladder remains accessable

Sometimes carrying two is easier than carrying one, certainly keeps the rain out!

Sometimes carrying two is easier than carrying one, certainly keeps the rain out!

Not a difficult installation and many would probably prefer a larger dinghy capable of transporting more people and supplies for shore-duty use, but this suits the crew just-fine thus far (and, yes… the kayak can be flipped upside-down and strapped for longer-term storage)!

Happy Wakes!  Feel free to drop me a line anytime,

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