June 8, 2012: B.O.A.T.

This Friday-evening trip on the water started long-before arrival at the dock, as the Rose had been at the doctor’s for over a week getting the generator (and a bunch of other minor issues) taken care of.  Okay, maybe “taken care of” isn’t the correct wording.  Multiple phone calls back-and-forth from the boat-yard over the past week addressing the status of each issue attempted to mislead the Captain that all repairs would be effected by the time he arrived to the Rose… fortunately Christina’s captain doesn’t take much stock in promises, so there was not much disappointment when the promise-date passed.  As the acronym predicts, “Bust Out Another Thousand” for anything involving boating is appropriate, though this day started at over three-times that figure.  Apparently this blog should have been titled “B.O.A.T.S.”

To be fair, all the ails cured at the doctor’s performed flawlessly and by 10:15pm ignition, evening weather was perfect plus there was a one-man-band  singing Jimmy Buffet tunes out on the Crab Deck, as Christina pulled from the service-dock headed for home.  All the negatives were gone within 2-minutes behind the wheel on the moonlit night as the solo-captain was reminded how the benefits of boating far outweigh the expenses.  The Rose arrived at her berth at 10:52pm, crew had all gear loaded and headed to bed well-before midnight.

Saturday started early at the docks in preparation for the arrival of friends’ scheduled 11am-cruise.  A quick trip after coffee to the bathhouse for all, then a quick trip to the marina for a little drink of fuel (25gal each side to top-off the previous Memorial Day Weekend trip, which doesn’t quite match previous predictions of 1.7nm/gal, as 33.9nm/50gal = 0.68nm/gal… maybe the generator drank more than her share that first day or maybe the doctor’s office took Christina out for lunch), a quick pump-out, with a quick jump off the Rose for donut-selection at the hut before quickly returning to the slip for guests.

Cathy and Bob arrived early enough for all to depart the docks at 11:20am.  Knowing that Thunder on the Narrows was scheduled for this day and next, Christina quietly made her way through the Narrows to a perfect anchor-location right next to the race course on Prospect Bay, where all watched the races over drinks and snacks for a couple hours before lifting anchor (and someone else’s crab-pot anchor-line along with her hook) at 1:40pm en-route to the Miles River.

Thunder on the Narrows

Spectators at Thunder on the Narrows in June

Another spectacular day (and weekend) was shaping up as Christina cruised south past St. Michaels and on to the Miles River for a sightseeing-cruise under brilliant skies and warm breezes with zero-chop.  Dropping-hook at one of her favorite locations on the Miles, everyone aboard the Rose relaxed with plenty of drink, snacks, and an occasional swim to the sandy shore.  The First Mate met up with friends ashore by kayak, which turned into more of a barge carrying three young seafarers and all their booty (rocks, shells, sand, plus live fry) while the rest of the crew prepared potatoes, zucchini, chicken, and hot-dogs for dinner on the Magma.

Coming in for dinner

First-Mate in command of his own vessel, Miles River June 2012

Reading on the Bow

Even reading a book is fun on a boat! Miles River, June 2012

As dusk fell, Christina pulled anchor and headed the 18nm back home where, once again showing signs of a perfect cruise, the First Mate was sound-asleep before even reaching the Narrows.  Cruising through Kent Narrows at dark (moonless clear, warm, gorgeous, night), Christina reached her berth at 9:30pm, guests departed, and the Admiral reached her berth not too much later.

Miles River Sunset

Sunset on the Miles River with B&C, June 2012

Another great weekend that started and ended at the docks this time, no nights spent on the hook, which was just-fine considering the generator wasn’t operational and couldn’t provide A/C for the >90degree days or coffee for the morning wake-ups.  Not quite roughing-it in the wilderness, shore-power several times over the weekend made not having a generator barely noticeable.

Sunday morning started as great as Saturday morning did, with morning coffee and donuts at the marina, only this time instead of another cruise by boat, the First Mate, Admiral, and Captain commanded their own bicycles for a 6.8mile ride from the marina all the way to the Western-shore of Kent Island, where the QAC’s Cross Island Trail meets Terrapin Beach off the Oyster Chaff Trail at the foot of the Bay Bridge.  Swimming at the marina’s pool followed a long shower after the ride. 

Terrapin Beach

Terrapin Beach on the western-shore of Kent Island, Bay Bridge, June 2012

Christina never left her slip on Sunday, given a little reprieve of her pack-mule duties with clean-up capping off yet another great weekend at the boat.  Readied and prepped for battle another weekend, everyone left the Rose in her slip around 4:30pm and headed for home.  42:20 spent aboard this weekend, cruising 47.9nm with a top-speed of 26kt, averaging 15kt over the 3.25-hours underway this weekend.

Happy Wakes!  Feel free to drop me a note anytime, ChristinaRose@edickent.com

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