June 22, 2012: Quiet Waters

A change of pace was in-store for this weekend aboard the Rose, as the First Mate sliced his heel open enough to create a puddle at home Friday, just a couple hours before heading to the marina. A pretty-tough kid, he managed to do most-everything he accomplished prior weekends, just at a slower pace and without much immersion in water.

Crew hung out at the slip aboard the Rose Friday night and most of Saturday, washing the hull and just taking it easy, enjoying the cabin’s air-conditioning while the Captain spent a few hours integrating a new MercMonitor gateway into the Mercury SmartCraft network at the helm after morning donuts and coffee at the marina. Christina headed toward her favorite anchorage after a quick pump-out and fuel top-off at 4:30pm, dropping-hook by 5pm.

The Captain spent most of the weekend playing with the new electronics, attempting to figure out a new configuration that would be optimal for cruising (never discovering one) while the First Mate and Admiral took turns commanding the kayak on local excursions to the beach.

The new MercMonitor

The new Mercury SmartCraft MercMonitor ECO Gateway, June 2012

A look at Christina’s cruise depth-profile from this weekend, thanks to the new MercMonitor:

Depth Profile of Christina's Cruise 23JUN12

A look at the depth-profile for Christina's Cruise on 23JUN12

Food, games, and movies was the focus of the weekend; steak, lobster, potatoes, zucchini, corn, hot-dogs, hamburgers, and tilapia were all grilled on the Magma as Chinese Checkers, Chess, and Checkers was played. Mission Impossible I and II DVDs entertained all.

Surf N Turf

Dinner aboard the Rose, Steak and Lobster! June 2012

Admiral enjoying dinner

Admiral enjoying surf & turf, June 2012

A gorgeous sunset Saturday night, then Christina sat on the hook most all of Sunday, with all her side-curtains down to help airflow through the cockpit. The anchor was pulled at 9pm Sunday, where a brighter moonlit-night allowed safer travel home than the previous-week’s finish. Arriving at her slip by 9:45pm, crew spent Sunday night aboard the Rose on shore-power rather than driving home, as a snafu at the Captain’s day-job allowed another day of “rest” before people came looking for him.

On-deck under moonlight

Observing nighttime nature on the deck, Admiral on the Chester, June 2012

Monday morning was a quick clean-up for Christina; another quick pump-out and fuel top-off (38.3 gallons due to several hours of generator-operation) made this weekend’s mileage work out to 0.65nm/gal… actually not that far-off from the 0.7-to-0.8nm/gal reports through the helm-electronics. A very nice weekend weather-wise, every day in the high-80’s but with enough of a breeze to keep things comfortable. Total cruise-time was only 1-hour 23-minutes for the entire weekend traveling only 24.9nm, with humans spending 64-hours aboard.

Happy Wakes! Drop me a note anytime, ChristinaRose@edickent.com

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