Another Maintenance Weekend

Where most would think the “fun” weekends are the ones cruising hundreds of miles, sometimes it’s just as enjoyable to stay in the slip and do maintenance.  This was a Captain-only weekend, to address minor maintenance-issues including lights and NMEA2000 sensors.

Christina received a new bow-light this weekend, after having been pulled-over a couple weeks prior for an issue that kept coming back.  The original fixture held a festoon-type bulb, which uses spring-contacts to hold the light-bulb in place.  After repeated repair-attempts to the spring-clips, it was finally time to replace the entire fixture… with an LED-type bulb.  The captain also intended to install side-marker lights, however a recess in the flat-part of the bow prevented a straight-forward installation.  The side-markers will be attempted again this winter in dry-dock, but Christina is fully legal now as-is.

Now that the Rose has the Mercury MercMon Smartcraft Gateway installed, the second area of maintenance planned for this weekend was removal of the two Garmin GFS10 fuel-flow sensors from the NMEA2000 network, now duplicated by the MercMon.  What sounds like a simple problem to fix took over 7-hours to execute, as the time-consuming task to undo all of the intricate sensor-installations from a few months ago required complete removal of the aft deck to access the sensors and wiring.

Since the Garmin GFS10’s basically matched data from the Mercury SmartCraft fuel-flow, a few months of operation confirmed the GFS10 sensors’ accuracy and operation on the NMEA2000 network.  Rather than just remove both fuel-flow sensors (because the Garmin GPSMAP 5208 has been reporting twice the fuel-usage since installing the MercMon), one of the GFS10 sensors was installed on the fuel-line supplying Christina’s Kohler 5E 5KW generator.

Installed the Garmin GFS 10

Reinstalled a metal fuel-filter and Garmin GFS 10 fuel-flow sensor on the Kohler 5E

The Kohler 5E nameplate

A look at the 5KW Kohler’s nameplate

Once installed, the Kohler was fired-up and fuel-flow data was collected.  Without load, the generator appeared to fluctuate between 0.2gal/hr and 0.3gal/hr.  Once fully loaded with stove, hot-water heater, and A/C, the generator seemed to maintain 0.3gal/hr.  It’s worth noting that Garmin claims the GFS 10 isn’t accurate below 2gal/hour, but it’s also worth noting that this sensor compared to the 6.2L SmartCraft fuel-flow at idle of 0.9gal/hr.

Kohler 5E Fuel Consumption

A look at the Garmin’s NMEA2000 display of the Kohler’s consumption at max-power

Total cruise-time this weekend was 0.0-hours, having never fired-up the engines.  Total time aboard was 48-hours, most of which involved some-form of enjoyable maintenance.

Happy Wakes!  Feel free to drop me an email anytime,

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