Aug 12, 2012: Calm before the storm

The Admiral and Captain made it to the Rose late Friday evening, the result of a 3-hour commute versus the typical 1-hour travel time, for reasons still unknown.  While the Bay Bridge is certainly a marvel to look at, it presents a choke-point for all traffic eastward from DC… and when they decide two eastbound-lanes is better than three at rush-hour, the result is less time aboard Christina.

The crew’s late arrival changed plans from cruising upriver for dinner Friday night to a marina-based cookout, which was all the better anyway.  Spiedies, corn-on-the-cob, and potatoes on the Magma were as outstanding as the weather Friday night.  A little fresh-air, a little satellite-TV, and an early turn-in to end a perfect evening.

Saturday morning started the way all Saturday mornings should; the crew slept-in then enjoyed coffee on the boat before a leisurely stroll for donuts and more coffee at the marina.  With no time-constraints, Christina left her slip at 11am for fuel en-route to Chestertown for dinner.  With her forward curtains down to enjoy the spectacular weather, the Christina Rose never got out of trawler-mode for the scenic trip up the Chester River,

Perfect day for a cruise

A perfect start to a cruise up the Chester, 11AUG12

as there was no pressing need for speed to make Chestertown by dinner-time.  1600-RPM made 6.5kt over the entire 22nm trip upriver, averaging 1.2nm/gal for the beautiful cruise to the Fish Whistle Restaurant as the final destination.

Christina at the Docks

Christina Rose at the Chestertown public docks, 11AUG12

The weather seemed to be building during the upstream-cruise … gorgeous, warm, but increasing winds were noted by the time we docked in Chestertown.  Upon arriving to the restaurant, a quick check of the hour-by-hour weather-forecast showed a 10%-chance of storms for the remainder of the day, making the late-lunch / early-dinner even more relaxing.  A few adult-beverages and a fabulous meal (from a terrific menu, by the way), a beautiful stroll along the docks in Chestertown, then Christina made-way for home at 4:40pm.

Once again in trawler-mode, Christina left Chestertown for the down-river trip at 6kt.  That is, for probably 3/4 of the trip home anyway, as the building winds and clouds made the Captain question the previous weather forecasts.  Checking weather radar on the iPhone along with dialing-out Christina’s radar to a 30-mile radius proved impending-doom, and proved weather forecasters are highly unreliable.  We had plans to anchor-out for the night at one of our favorite spots, but like Friday night, our plans were changed for us… the impending storm looked serious and we instead headed for the safety of home-port.

Unfortunately, the Captain made the decision to stay at 6kt for far too-long, and it was soon obvious that Christina and Crew wasn’t going to make it home before the approaching storm cut-through her path.  As the Admiral steered, the Captain grabbed and hung all curtains; a task that is quite difficult while underway, but was required in this case.  No sooner did the last piece of canvas get zipped before the freak-storm (and Admiral’s nerves) was in full-force.

Christina had to throttle-up, ride-up on-plane, and propel through the storm.  At one point, the rain was so-heavy that the Rose’s radar was completely occluded; fortunately the old-fashion compass always works and all made it safely to Christina’s slip as the storm (and daylight) subsided.

Trip Details

Trip summary, 11AUG12

Sunday morning started like Saturday; slept-in then coffee on-board.  Following coffee, the Admiral and Captain donned bike-helmets then proceeded to pedal for 3+hours biking over 16.5-miles, hitting both the eastern and western-shores of Kent Island in the same ride.  Snacks at Harris’ Crab House before biking back to the Rose, where everything was packed-up putting an end to a mostly-perfect weekend.

Bay Bridge 12AUG12

Looking East toward the Bay Bridge, 12AUG12

Total time onboard this weekend was only 45-hours, having a total cruise-time of 6-hours while travelling 43.5nm with an average cruise-speed of 7.2kt.  Max-speed was 19.3kt, required to combat one of the most-serious storms Christina has ever navigated through.

Happy Wakes!  Feel free to drop me an email anytime,!

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