Aug 17, 2012: Hotel On Water

The Christina Rose played host to the Admiral and first-mate this weekend, a non-cruise getaway from the bustle of the big-city toward the serenity found when sleeping on gentle motions created by nighttime breezes over the water. Arriving by 5:45pm, crew quickly settled in before making popcorn and firing-up the TV for a little movie-watching before bed (and another evening storm).

Like most-other summer weekend mornings, the First-Mate made sure to take advantage donuts at the marina’s office after waking up Saturday, perhaps to store energy in anticipation of a full-day spent at the pool.

Energy-storage Mode

Storing energy for the day’s activities, 18AUG12

A full-day at the pool it was; first to arrive, last to leave, not even a break to go get lunch… as apparently Domino’s delivers right to the pool! The first-mate hung-out all day at the pool with a new friend he met, while the Admiral found time to read the Kindle between splashes in the pool.

Swimming all day at the pool

Chlorine and sun, a great way to spend a weekend 18AUG12

Sunday morning started the same way as Saturday did, except the first-mate and his new friend made plans to meet-up for donuts at the marina this time, giving the Admiral a little more quality Kindle-and-coffee time aboard the Rose. The crew managed a little relaxing and a little fishing around the docks, ultimately catching several Maryland blue-crabs larger than any we’ve eaten at any local restaurant…

BlueCrab at the Dock

Catching Blue Crab at the dock, 19AUG12

An early light-rain and a late drive-home put an end to the weekend aboard the Rose, the crew locking-up the hatches exactly 48-hours after arriving. Another great weekend enjoying everything about marina-life and another example how to optimize relaxation versus fuel-consumption on-board a Cruisers Yachts.

Happy Wakes! Fee free to drop me a note anytime,

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