Oct 06, 2012: A Cruise for Supper

With a rapidly-closing window for enjoying the Rose before her pending winter lay-up, an outing was planned around life, like the first mate’s baseball-game Saturday morning and a class Sunday afternoon.  Late arrival at the marina Saturday afternoon meant firewalled-throttles to reach dinner in Chestertown, over 22nm away; not-generally an economical proposition.

Her last trip to Chestertown started MUCH slower (see aug-12-2012-calm-before-the-storm ) and took much longer than this trip, though they both ended the same way.  Different this time was the obvious building-winds and darkening-skies before Christina even left her berth, signs that the trip might be a little bumpy.  Serious all-day winds out of the North-Northwest meant 15-20miles of open water for the winds to whip as the Rose left the safety of her break-walls into Chester Bay.  Christina managed the 4-foot waves well with winds at her port-stern as she headed east into the bay.  Her nighttime return across Chester Bay would prove MUCH worse…

Storm before the storm

Cruising at 25-knots made quick-work of the river-cruise, making Chestertown in 65-minutes, mooring at the public (no-parking) docks outside the restaurant.  A bit of a challenge with the leeward winds, but Christina’s twins ultimately won the battle for dinner supremacy.  A quick shore-break for Nitro, another great meal at the Fish Whistle, and then Christina’s crew pushed the pending darkness by hanging-out at the public docks (fishing and strolling) until almost nightfall.

First Mate's Catch

There’s some pretty big catfish in Chestertown!, Oct 2012

Admiral & Crew

At the public docks in Chestertown, October 2012

Christina's Crew

Christina’s Crew in Chestertown MD, October 2012

Cruising home after dark is a favorite time for the Captain, made easier by Christina’s powerful spotlight and radar.  As expected, the river-part of the cruise home was peaceful because most of the Chester River was protected by land from the day-long raging-winds.

A nighttime cruise home, and the following morning…

Headed west through the Chester Bay was downright awful, taking blind 6-footers off the starboard-bow without much moonlight for advanced-warning, causing the Captain to significantly reduce speed and tack  into where the waves were thought to be. 

Unfortunately, no video was captured during the crossing, whether the result of the need for the Captain’s senses to be operating at 100%, or fear of catching the Admiral’s expression and outbursts on-record.  The only comment from the First Mate after arriving in port, who was down below the entire time Christina played cork, was that he wasn’t able to fully watch his TV-show because the receiver lost satellite-lock a few times.  Now there’s a future seaman.

A quick-cruise to Chestertown

The Rose’s tracks October 6, 2012

A quick-cruise for dinner

$250 in fuel for dinner, not a bad deal!

As the previous video showed, the following (Sunday) morning had heavy rains, successfully predicted (for once) by forecasters the previous day.  So, knowing full-well the time available on-board Christina would be very limited, it was still completely worth the effort to take her out.

44 nautical-miles covered in 2-3/4 hours, burning 62.7gallons of petrol, averaging 0.7nm/gal, exactly what the SmartCraft gauges displayed for most of the trip.  Right-around 24-hours spent onboard the Rose with no generator, no A/C, and not much cooking, but a satisfying weekend nonetheless.

Happy Wakes!  Feel free to drop me a note anytime, ChristinaRose@edickent.com

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