Nov 11, 2012: Winterize Wrap-Up

With all of the freshwater systems having been winterized a couple weeks prior, today was the end of year wrap-up that officially ends another season.  On arrival at the yard, Christina was resting peacefully on blocks following Super-Storm Sandy, having survived the weather with none of the ill-effects that ruined so many fellow-boater’s season along the East Coast.

All wrapped up

All wrapped up with nowhere to go

Christina’s hull and running-gear was in great shape following almost two seasons in the Bay, her Petit Ultima-60 and PropSpeed looked good enough for another season or two.  The good condition of all the undersides (including zincs) was kind-of disappointing as this was the purpose of pulling her in the first-place.  However, considering Hurricane Sandy approached less than a week after haul-out, she would have had to be hauled-out anyway.

Christina's ample behind

Christina’s bottom-paint and PropSpeed held up quite-well for almost 2-seasons in the water. Looks like her blades saw some sand-action!

Inside her shrink-wrap, the Rose was sparkly-clean, having been fully-detailed before her winter lay-up.

Winterizing the engines and generator was pretty simple, thanks to the Perko Flush-Pro fittings combined with a Wayne submersible pump feeding antifreeze to the raw-water lines from a 5-gallon pail.  Before antifreeze was pumped through her lines, all motors were run long enough to come up to operating temperature using the yard’s garden hose to supply cooling, flushing clean water through everything prior to winterizing.  Once warmed-up, the motors were turned off then the Captain used a Shop-Vac to suck-up all remaining water on-board; the bilge and raw-water strainers were fully cleaned-out before pumping the pink-stuff through all systems in the engine room. Finally,  A quick oil-change to the generator got Christina ready for the 2013-season.

Every last piece of anything that could attract or retain moisture was pulled off the Rose, including lines, fabric, or any piece of paper aboard.  Her master battery switches were opened, a quick verification everything was ship-shape, then the Captain closed-up the Rose for her long winter’s nap. Although there’s always plans for maintenance and updates over the winter months, today officially marks the end of the 2012 season.

A view from behind

Butterball turkey, November 2012

Many thanks go out to our boatblog followers along with best-wishes for happiest holidays over this winter’s lay-up. Hibernate-well knowing that Christina and her crew are anxiously waiting for the 2013 boating season…

Happy Wakes!  Feel free to drop me a note anytime,!

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