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the Christina Rose, resting in her slip

This blog is all about me… the Christina Rose, a 2004 Cruisers Yachts 3372 cruising around the Chesapeake Bay with my owners Debi and Mike, where I’ve been hailing from Chester, Maryland, since September 2010.


Year: 2004
Make: Cruisers Yachts
Model: 3372 Express
LOA: 35′ 6″
Beam: 11′ 8″
Weight: Approx 14,000#
Propulsion: Twin 380HP V-Drive Gasoline Inboards
Fuel: 240 gal
Generator: 120V @ 5KW
Best Cruise: 24.1Knots @ 3950RPM @ 0.8nm/gal
Worst Cruise: 32.5Knots @ 4900RPM @ 0.3nm/gal
MMSI#: 338016792



I logged 73-hours on my engines and 54-hours on my genny in 2011 (279.75 hours recorded with passengers aboard), with excursions from Chester to places like St. Michaels and the Miles River, the Chester River, Annapolis and the Severn River, Rock Hall, Baltimore, Fairlee Creek, and of-course the Bay Bridge.  A total of 533nm.


The 2012 season came to a close, with 534.8nm cruised this year, burning roughly 764-gallons of fuel (averaging around $4.00/gal at the marina), working out to somewhere near $37.40 per nautical-mile for total expenses, or $0.57 per minute for the approximately 577-hours (not including maintenance-hours) spent enjoying the Rose this year. Christina’s generator ran for only 27.3-hours this season, partly because of the beginning-of-season rebuild-needs, partly because we spent some time at the docks, but mostly because all the electronics were moved-over to the newly-installed extra house batteries. 2012 was a great season, fo-sho!


Wow, 2013 didn’t live up to expectations… plans to rebuild the engines started in mid-January 2013, with hopes to be in the water by the end of April. HA HA HA… not even close. A little longer on the rebuilds than predicted, a LOT longer on the installs than predicted, fixing the rebuilds… ugh. But, by the end of the season, we did manage to log the longest-distance away from homeport and the most consecutive hours underway, making 2013 another one for the record books. The Rose had 26.5-hours on her engines and 17.8-hours on the genny in 2013, covering a total distance of only 143nm. Total expenses for 2013 came in well-north of $30K, or averaging roughly $200/mile traveled. Here’s hoping 2014 sets records for the most-use and the least-cost… we can always dream!

On a positive note though, Christina has two brand-new professionally-built engines now, running smoother and quieter than ever observed underway. Her bilges are spotless once-again, fresh-paint and new blowers make her better than new. Christina also had her entire canvas replaced, custom-made by a local shop with higher-end Strataglass (instead of the original Isenglass). Overall, she’s probably in the best shape of her maritime career, looking forward to MANY more years of service.


Finally! 2014 turned out to be a near-flawless season. Sure, there were a couple issues like siezed alternators and generator seacock, but those are minor (almost expected) things when it comes to boating and they occurred during spring commissioning. Christina performed flawlessly all season long every moment we had an opportunity to use her; she didn’t let us down a single time. We logged 37.6-hours on the Port-engine, 37.4-hours on the Starboard, and 48.1-hours on the generator in 2014.

We were able to get out on the Rose 17-weekends in 2014, covering 445.6nm (512miles) over the season, almost as good as our best year in 2012, burning a total of 653.2gallons of fuel for an average of 0.69nm/gal for the season. Not bad mileage, considering the amount of tubing done this year! Christina set her longest single-day cruise record this year, at 97.1nm on 20SEP14, and she probably set a season-record for the highest number of cruises with friends and family. At year’s end, expenses came in at $2634.77 for fuel, $6227.12 for miscellaneous (parts, slips, insurance, etc), or a grand-total of $8861.89 for the year… pretty low considering the amount of use, actually. All-in-all another great year on the Chesapeake, the Chester, and the Christina Rose!


Ugh. 2015 was the roughest season yet, not in terms of weather, but for nearly every other reason Murphy created his laws. This season had one really great long-time / long-distance getaway cruise, but it was sandwiched between some a-hole drunk “captain” losing control of his boat in the marina (using the Christina Rose as his bail-out plan) at the start of the season and blowing a brand-new engine (actually both new engines were toast) on her final run of the season. The entire first-half of the season was dealing with estimates, insurance, and repairs, while the end of the season had the single-engine haul-out cruise of shame to put the period at the bottom of this season’s exclamation point. In fact, it took another 6-months after her 2015 haul-out to determine what happened to her new engines, ultimately appearing to be something simple in both engines’ exhaust (that should have been caught in 2013/2014 by the thieving boatyard who did the refit) proving that Mother Nature and salt wins against man and machine every time. At-least Christina’s engines blew on the LAST run of 2015 versus the FIRST run of 2016, to give her Captain time to calm down and look at the big picture.

Christina logged only 20.6-hrs on the Port-engine, 24.2-hrs on the Stbd (any guess which engine blew?!), and only 16.3-hrs on the generator in all of 2015, covering a total of only 308nm. Considering the engines lost, new exhaust, damage-repairs from the drunk, along with slip and insurance fees, and Christina cost somewhere around $100/nm to operate in 2015. The good news is, things can only go up from here (knocking on wood right now…)

My favorite anchorage-spot is:
Not Telling!

My favorite destination is:
The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, found online at http://www.cbmm.org and
The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake River Marsh Marina, found online at http://www.hyatt.com/gallery/chesamarina/

My favorite trips for food are:
Lowes Wharf, found online at http://www.loweswharf.com/
Suicide Bridge Restaurant, found online at http://www.suicide-bridge-restaurant.com/
The Imperial Hotel, found online at http://www.imperialchestertown.com/
The Fish-Whistle, found online at http://www.fishandwhistle.com/
Harris’ Crab House, found online at http://www.harriscrabhouse.com/
Fisherman’s Inn, found online at http://www.fishermansinn.com

Thank you for visiting and feel free to drop me an email anytime at: ChristinaRose@edickent.com


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